References are very important in the selection process. Please enter references that you know could provide information regarding your work experience and abilities. 

A license is required if you are a driver and or enlisting as an operator. If you have a license, please indicate which type of licenses you have in the additional details section. Licenses or certifications include and are not limited to driver license from class A-C, administration certification, state license, etc. 

Tip Number Six!

Thank for taking an interest in becoming part of the GRP team. We take each applicant seriously and we appreciate the time that you are taking to apply today. Along the way as you scroll down, you fill find tips that may assist you in completing the application correctly. Feel free to read them as you fill out this application.

job application - Applicacion de trabajo Electronico

If you do not have information for the required fields, please enter N/A. If you do not have previous experience please enter any voluntary work or internships that you may have had. If you have no experience at all, please enter N/A. 

Tips & notes

Driver Operator/Operador

Tip Number Seven!

If you have a resume saved on your computer, why not upload it? It will save you time. If you upload a resume with the details required, please enter N/A in the required fields before submitting application.

If you have been convicted of a crime, please provide the information necessary. You will ruin your chances if you lie in the application than if you tell the truth and explain later. We are an equal employer opportunity, therefore, you may still be eligible for an informal interview.

Tip Number Five!

You can use the "Additional Details" section to write an objective or list your relevant skills or special request such as work with school schedule etc. Please provide relevant information only. If you have any questions regarding filling out the application, please contact us. Thank you for applying and good luck!

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Tip Number Four!

The desired salary is for you to decide what you believe you should be getting paid on an hourly basis. If you would like to include a range you may do so. Please note that the application shows the current minimum wage in the state of California as an example and in no way indicates your possible future salary.

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